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January Uprising - Polish commaders & cavalry by Saryusz-Wolski

 Salvete Omnes,

staying in the spirit of the remembrance of the January Uprising tragedy and .. heroism.

During the January Uprising Polish partizan units were naturally very numerous and individual soldiers and Uprising  produced a very  large variety of commanders, uniforms and types of armament etc- from Colt and then modern European short and long firearms  to more ancient flintlocks and hunting shotguns.
Polish artist Kajetan Saryusz-Wolski (1852-1922) - article in Polish -  was popular in the second part of the XIX and early XX centuries as an illustrator & painter  of our Polish military  history. 

In 1909 in Krakow (Austrian Polish province since 1848) they published his collection of plates showing January Uprising commanders and soldiers - from cavalry to foot soldiers. This album was one of many albums he produced on the Polish military history.

I selected some of them from the scanned original, machine-printed but hand-colored,  and would like to share them with you:

ensign of a cavalry unit (no unit description)
Dictator Marian Langiewicz with his adjutant Wladyslaw Waga
                                          no army could be without their spiritual leaders and helpers,i.e, Christian chaplains-                                                                                       father Wojciech Elgot, capuchin & priest Tarejwa, father Kotkowski 

commanders: Lelewel, Szaniawski, Taczanowski, Czachowski, Bentkowski

various commanders

among the three officer there is a Polish heroine Anna Henryka Pustowójtówna .

Teodor Cieszkowski

famous since 1812 Polish Krakusi (Krakus horse)

these uhlans (ulani) of two regiments made up Taczanowski cavalry brigade, the largest Polish cavalry unit of this Uprising

famous and tragic general Dionizy Czachowski
some cavalrymen from the Wolhynia department

Kazimierz Bohdanowicz - hero of the Lublin region

not from this album, Langiewicz on horseback..

Kazimierz Langie (1839-1897) - ulan/uhlan of the Antoni Jezioranski's grey uhlans/ulans



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