Saturday, April 30, 2022

Achaemenid horsemen from Troad - Can Sarcophagus

 Salvete Omnes,

Brave Ukrainians are defending themselves from the Russian invasion, Gods speed - but there must be peace again, the war must stop and Ukraine returned to status quo ante, with reparations and compensation from the Russian government. 


let us canter across the Mediterranean Sea to Anatolia, or Asian part of  Republic of Turkey, where in Troad, near Canakkale, there is a grouping of ancient Persian tombs including surviving sarcophagi from the Achaemenid Imperial era. One of such tombs is  the 'Can Sarcophagus.' It was discovered circa 1998, and is dated the beginning of the IV century B.C. There was a 22-27 years old male buried in the tumulus( based on the osteological analysis). The subject matter is hunt and war - all on horseback, perhaps the most favorite activity of the Achaemenid Empire warrior.


On Academia there are certainly good articles to familiarize oneself with the topic - these Persian horsemen and their adversaries and prey. 
eg the discovery,  on the Mysians, or even on the Persian (Achaemenid) armor.  So enjoy the reading while some of the images are attache to the post to whet your appetite for reading more about it.



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