Thursday, December 27, 2018

Young Medici in Polish costume by Justus Sustermans

Salvete Omnes,
and so it was Christmas AD 2018, sadly it is gone ,  now we shall await  the New Year's coming in less than a week time.
Ferdinando de Medici, Konopiste castle

Just I would like to share with you these three paintings by a Flemish painter Justus Sustermans, showing Ferdinando and Leopoldo de Medici  - their father the ruler of Tuscany died in 1621 AD and brave mother became the regent for oldest son, Ferdinando.

Leopoldo with his mother-the regent
Boys are painted in a contemporary Polish costume, circa 1622.
Here you'll find the story behind the costumes in the paintings.
Leopoldo alone with a sabre and bulawa-mace
The horse tack is very interesting - it reminds me quite a bit of  the  Stockholm Roll winged hussars horse trappings,  while the saddle has some characteristics of the Polish winged hussar saddles, royal gifts to the Tzar,  the collection of the Imperial Moscow Armory (Oruzhennaya Palata).
de Medici horse trappings and winged hussars' ones


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