Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thracian bit - some ideas about attachment

Salvete omnes,
great MET has in their collection this bronze bit -
''The mouthpiece consists of two canons studded with rounded spikes, linked by a ring in the center. Each one terminates with a ring for the reins and a long and straight full-cheek piece, pierced with two holes for hanging it from the bridle.''

I have drawn over the MET photo of this artifact and propose the following arrangement of this bit  attachment  to the headstall -
Hermitage has many images of the surviving bridles -headstalls and bits - from the Central Asia (Ukok Plateau etc) barrows.
 My prior post about Dodona bit also includes the Athens museum proposed reconstruction of the bit and the bridle.



Vavča said...

Excellent idea, I always thought, that system for bridle of horses can be more sophisticated contra opinions in many books, that ancient had only rudimentary, basic means for controlling the horse. This drawing is superb source for my research. If luck is on my side perhaps for book Warhorse in Antiquity - From Chalcolithic plains to Caesar's triump at Pharsalus.
Again many thanks Dario!

jenj said...

LOVELY work! This very much helps with understanding how things might have been assembled. From a usage standpoint, I'm not sure I understand the benefits of attaching the reins to the small ring, as opposed to the long cheekpieces, although your depiction seems quite accurate based on other sources. Certainly attaching the headstall to the cheekpieces would ensure that the bit is very stable, even when the reins are engaged! Thank you for the wonderful artwork. :)

Dario T. W. said...

hello to you all,
for some reason I have not been getting any 'info' from blogger that there are comments, so please bear with me if I am late in confirming your comments etc
Thank you very much and to be continued, I hope