Sunday, November 11, 2018

Polonia Restituta - 100 years

Salvete Omnes.
100 years ago a sovereign Polish state was reborn after having been partitioned and ruled by three European powers in 1795AD.
White Eagle - 1919-27

My family and I, like all Poles around the world. celebrate this 100th anniversary and salute all ancestors, men and women, who worked on restoring our Polish state to most desired sovereign status. I especially salute Polish peasants and Polish nobility, two social groups who fought for our reborn independence.
note that the 1918 or year zero of officially reborn Republic was amidst flames of war, and the war or more properly wars and conflicts were to be continued for another 3 years.
we have had more than 1000 years of history as a sovereign state:

from our first Christian ruler prince Mieszko I of Piast clan

 his fabulously successful son and king Boleslaw I

Jagiellon Poland - crica 1436

under the Jagiellon dynasty 1490

Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth

II Republic

present III Republic - under the EU Lisbon Treaty, rules and regulations are we still as in depended as they claim ?

Vivat Polonia Resituta
during the XX century we Poles were first to fight, in World War I more than 1 million Poles died, world War II saw loss - death, migration, refugees -  of many millions, country population reduced from close to 35 million in 1939 to some 23 million in 1945

I like this poster by painter and graphic artist Marek Zulawski  

maps from Wiki Commons

I salute tsar Nicolas I Romanov, who crowned himself a King of Polish Congress Kingdom in 1829 and the same year concluded a war with the Ottoman empire, and ordered that the Ottoman cannons captured should be sent to Warsaw with  the words that he, the King of Polish Kingdom, avenged the death of our king Wladyslaw III -
 Vladislaus by God's grace king of Crown of Kingdom of Poland, Hungary, Dalmatia, Croatia, Rascia (Serbian Grand Principality), Supreme Prince of Duchy of Lithuania, lord of Pomerania and Ruthenia.
(at Varna in 1444, here Matejko painting).

last but not least - Happy Veterans Day! -


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Dario T. W. said...

Macron in Paris, in France under a martial law, extols the dangers of nationalism, in general he was talking lots of nonsense and pure hogwash, a staple of present day political speech.

I always find it interesting that the SJW and other left-leaning 'philosophers' and demagogues et al. tend to completely forget all about Joe, good Soviet uncle Stalin, Mao, communists, Mexican revolutionaries and other leftists who participated in more evil during the 20th century than all listed in that person's list included..
one example, Germany's turn from some very timid and young democracy into a full fledged Nazi state and the elections of 1933 in there. It was that without Stalin's order the Communist Party of Germany would have united with the social-democrats and Hitler would have lost the 1933 elections. He won, made socialist ideology his own and embraced the communist Germans into his party machine. Following the elections the German communists joined the Nazi Party in thousands, swelling its ranks and in fact actively turning German society in one happy Nazi family etc. In 1939 Soviet Union and Nazi Germany started the world war attacking Poland, and stayed allied until June 22, 1941...
First nationality to experience mass genocide in Europe, because of national origin, were the ethnic Poles and Polish-names sounding Soviet citizens (mostly peasants) in western Soviet USSR during 1937-8 - known as the so called Polish operation by NKVD - some 111,000 were shot, while perhaps as many as 300,000 children were sent to Soviet orphanages and indoctrinated, and perhaps as many as 250,000 wives and siblings were sent to forced labor camps aka GULAG, and their parents and in-laws were left destitute etc...

Soviet genocide against the peasants or the so called Ukraine hunger is another example of this silence-in-cheek
in the West nobody spoke against this then and nobody talks about this now.

Dario T. W. said...

meantime in Warsaw more than 200,000 people have been walking within the White and Red March for Poland - started at 3pm - says Minister of Interior