Friday, February 16, 2018

Emir Rzewuski et al

Salvete Omnes,
I am traveling in Andalucia, Spain, this is a  sort of spur of a moment trip. We visited the site of the battle of Fuengirola, one of the few amazing defeats of the British regiments during the Napoleonic Wars. The Polish infantry soldiers - 4th regiment from Duchy of Warsaw - vanquished the British and Spanish allies, against the overwhelming odds.

But my traveling allows for some reading and I have been studying a Ph. D. dissertation by Filip Kucera titled Waclaw Emir Rzewuski (1784-1831): podroznik i zolnierz (Waclaw Emir Rzewuski: traveller and soldier.) .
Dr Kucera submitted his dissertation in the University of Poznan History Institute in 2016. It can be had libre from the Poznan university repository.

It is a fine study, and very detailed, worth every moment of my time. Also, this dissertation one can  use as a gateway to many older works, memoirs, journals and historic works related to our Polish Bedouin and Arabian Horses. 
Nota bene Polish scholars and printmakers have been working on publishing the entire manuscript of count Rzewuski, in Polish and English (with Emir of Qatar help and assistance).

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