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Horse in the Americas - post AD 1492 - timeline

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part of my little research about the horse in the Americas during the Age of Conquest etc, I would like to introduce some date, although they may be subject to later corrections and or explanations.

I own some books on the horses of the America, and would love to read many more and own them too  - :) ; in this context prominently among my collections figure three books:
R.B. Cunninghame Graham, Horse of the Conquest (2004)
Deb Bennet, Conquerors, The Roots of New World Horsemanship (1998)
Robert M. Denhardt, The Horse of the Americas (1975)
Mr Denhardt, the Quarter Horse historian, provides in his book a short timeline for the horse appreance and/or establishment in the Spanish Main,Tierra Firme, and further south in the South America (including the Portuguese possessions).
So goes the list (all A.D. dates)a bit edited by my hand:
1493 - Española (little Spain) or Hispaniola (Caribbean island of Santo Domingo shared between San Domingo and Haiti)
1508 - Puerto Rico
1509-24 - Jamaica
1510 -14( Denhardt) - Vasco Nunez de Balboa beginning of conquest of Panama (Tierra Firme)
1511 - Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar beginning of conquest of Cuba
1519-1595 - Mexico
1530 - Brazil
1532 - Peru
1535 - Bolivia
1536-42 - Argentina, Southern Brazil & Paraguay
1538 - Venezuela, Colombia
1541- Chile
US side:
1521 - Ponce de Leon entrada - aborted - I am not sure if he landed his horses (got to read about this part)
1527 - Panfilo Narvaez entrada in Florida - mythical beginning of the horse in the US territories
1539-42  - Hernando de Soto entrada in Florida and the American South - mythical horse origin in Texas etc
1540-42 Coronado's 'entrada' in the Southwest US - another mythical date for the mustangs in the US
1598 -  Juan de Ońate entrada and conquest of New Mexico - beginning of the horse breeding in the continental US.

as time will show I hope to get into these dates as facts gathered from the primary/secondary sources will allow
meantime enjoy the Indian Summer


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