Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski album - 2017

lately I have acquired this new book-album on Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski and his art.
He was a Polish painter who worked and sold mostly in Munich, Bavarian Kingdom during the pre-World War I period (actually died in 1915). He was a painter of horses and wolves, and author of numerous genre paintings, who was staying away from historic and so called patriotic paintings popular amongst his many Polish colleagues during the Partitions period.

Eliza Ptaszynska, an art curator and researcher from Suwalki Museum in northeastern Poland who already  in 2011 wrote Wierusz-Kowalski's biography,  authored this album and it was published by Wydawnictwo Bosz. Nota bene Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski was a native of Suwalki, and the regional museum holds a large collection of his art, and the art of his son and granddaughter. After the II World War the Communists took away from the Kowalski family their estate at Mikorzyn, Greater Poland,

It contains many images of works in the Suwalki Museum collection as well as some privately own paintings and other museum collections.

 Apart from paintings, some reproduced in a very large size,  the album contains actual photos of the master painter, his sketches and other works related to maestro Alfred, including curious fans and palettes where many, then famous and prosperous, painters of many Munich ateliers would paint a little thumbsketch, sort of a signature of each painter and his favorite subjects.

Excellently printed and packaged (hardcover), bilingual (Polish and English), this is a  publication worthy any library.

 I am not sure what the current art market has to  say about this master painter.. perhaps you do?

ps I corralled a number of engravings by Wierusz-Kowalski published prior to 1915 or so, so perhaps in the near future I will share them with you.

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