Monday, November 30, 2015

Uhlans in Szczecin


November 11 is the modern Polish Republic's Independence Day, and this year I went to a little celebration of this important day at the Szczecin Ducal Castle where inside the smaller courtyard, next to the entrance to the Castle Information, there is a cast plaque commemorating the 12th Podolian Uhlan Regiment.

 Reenactors, both male and female, from the Klub Kawaleryjski im. 12tego Pulku Ulanow ( 12th Podolian Uhlans Regiment Cavalry Club) came on horseback, and some even bearing lances,

 to salute and commemorate, and to lay flowers at the plaque.


Photos were taken by my wife :) - thank you J. A. .
many thanks to pan Krzysztof Komaniecki, himself a talented painter and sculptor, reenactor,  and military historian, for pointing me to this event - you can see, comment and buy some of Krzysztof's art and research via Facebook .

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