Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - some Sketches

I have been away from my studio so this month's output of my new posts and images is thin , mea maxima culpa.
Allow me to share with you some sketches that are still very 'green' and will eventually end up as illustrations to various posts, albeit in the future.

Hussaria or winged hussars


Trumpeter or trębacz

Kawalkator or horse trainer

I did some illustrations for maestro Christian Cameron, actually for his new e-book. The action takes place in the Medieval Southern Europe (starts in France during the last stages of the Hundred Years War, via Venice to newly conquered Constantinople) after 1453 AD ; and main character is a young but quickly growing up Englishman aptly named Tom Swan. The novel will be released next month and it is a fine piece of historical adventure. I had the pleasure of reading it and enjoyed every little bit of it. Once the novel is released I will post here my drawings, as they show Byzantine horsemen (presumably of Morea), Medieval horses and tack and riders etc.

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