Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Interview with Dave Nicholson, DVM, famed endurance rider

a quick post on something very interesting and enjoyable, while educational with plenty of history to all who like horses, Arabians, endurance riding and horse stories etc:
The Arabian Horse World magazine has made available an interview with famous endurance rider, horseman and author, Dave Nicholson,DVM (doctor of veterinary medicine) done 20 years ago. Amongst others he participated in the Great American Horse Race of 1976 (interesting article here) and the Pony Express Ride of 1979, and many Tevis Cup rides.
Bellow a postcard of the Antoniny Stud Farm in Polish Borderlands showing Arabian mares at Pasture. This famous stud farm and its horses were destroyed by the Bolshevik Revolutionaries - here Polish poem titled the  ''Śmierc Ibrahima'' ('Death of Ibrahim') commemorating this disaster, from the webpage of Bask stud at Albigowa.

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