Sunday, March 28, 2010

Polish Saddles of XVII century continued

 another 'plate' with some Polish saddles from the XVII (17th) century.  Various saddles,  from the Polish winged hussar saddles to more later XVII century "Turkish' saddles. I omitted the woven Turkish, Persian and Armenian motifs that adorned saddle covering textiles, also I did little indication od precious stones that also adorned these saddles. Such compilation of different saddles can be found in Władysław Łoziński study of southern Poland 17th century court et al. archives compiled in his book  'Prawem i Lewem' ('Lawfully and Unlawfully' or 'With law and against it' - :) ),  where Aleksander, from Rytwiany,  Zborowski 's  last will and testament gives a rare look into Polish-Lithuanian nobility treasures - page 153-55  it can be read in Polish In the spirit of La Semana Santa - enjoy!
I used Gimp and MyPaint to create this compilation. More to come, I hope...

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