Thursday, January 21, 2010

Passing of Richard Hook

Hello friends and fellow travelers,
I just found out that on or before January 12 , 2010 one of the most important military artists passed away.

I must say Mr. Richard  Hook art, this modern master of military art,  has influenced me in many ways over the two decades since   I first encountered his artwork when browsing through Osprey books in a bookshop, its name long forgotten,  in Athens, Greece.
My favorite  artwork of Mr. Hook has to do with the Native Americans (Indians, Ameridians, Indianie).
For many years he had researched the Plains tribes and created some of the most fascinating reconstruction illustrations ever produced on the subject. But he painted Aztecs, Apaches, Creeks (Muskogee), Iroquois or my favorites - Shawnees.

His work will be greatly missed by this blogger   - :(

R.I.P. sir Richard - may Gods welcome you with open arms at the Heaven's gate.

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Jan said...

That's a real shame, I've enjoyed his paintings for Osprey a lot. :(