Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bonanaza of articles - horse in the ancient Baltics

very interesting collection of articles on horse domestication, horse in the ancient and medieval warfare and rites, horse related belief and everyday life within the cultural milieu of the Baltic Region. It is perhaps worth noting that the Klaipeda University Institute of Baltic History and Archaeology offers free download of many volumes of the Baltics studies, so do peruse if you are interested prehistoric and ancient Baltics.

The Horse and Man in European Antiquity

I have been listening to a novel  by Donna Leon, American writer from Venice, Italy, and while listening yesterday I sketched with a ball pen this quick sketch - mostly based in the old photo of a Nez Perce warrior Looking Glass or Allalimya Takanin

Nota bene in Poland there is a pretty active re-enactment movement reconstructing the history, belief and material culture of the Amerindians. The Polish Amerindian movement started mostly with Sat-Okh or Stanisław Supłatowicz, writer and a living legend. I visited a museum dedicated to his works and achievements last year while in Poland.
One ought to add that the Europeans, especially the Germans and French, have huge reenactment gatherings each year, reconstructing Amerindian culture and history. Indian Country Today wrote an article on the German interest in the Amerindians and their history, culture and traditions.

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