Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wacław Pawliszak - painter of horses - II

continuing from several days ago, I have found more images by our turn of XX century equine artist Wacław Pawliszak in the ancient magazine (ceased publishing in 1939) ''Tygodnik Illustrowany'' (Weekly Illustrated) along with an article devoted to the artist and his art, written several years before his death.

here the article in Polish

.. these are paintings or drawings of paintings by the artist where horses were part of the subject depicted, mostly Orientalist in character. Unfortunately they are not in color, so we are deprived of his wonderful palette.

XVII century cavalry (Western) charge
Tatars' prisoner

Arabian Nights-like story illustrations

the image below is a drawing of his painting showing Maria Aurora von Königsmarck, mistress to king of Poland Augustus the Strong and mother of Maurice de Saxe, meeting king of Sweden Charles XII in his camp during his invasion of Poland. Note the Janissary porters, a Polish Royal guard unit that had been started by king Jan Sobieski out of his Turkish Janissary prisoners, the Turkish soldiers were eventually replaced by the Polish ones dressed like Janissaries.

..  and here king Augustus the Strong, who was our great Saxon great hope that turned into national calamity.

.. A bridge toll, of sorts  :)

above, the very first image is of the Vienna victor - king Jan Sobieski - entering liberated imperial Vienna

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