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Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz - a horse painter

 Salvete Omnes,


Oriental market scene with horses

there have been Ajdukiewicz painters in Polish art history - Tadeusz & Zygmunt. 

Tadeusz(1851 - january 1916) studied at the Krakow Academy, in Vienna's Academy and at Munich's one, also with Jozef Brandt in his Munich atelier, and also in Paris. Eventually he became a painter for the Imperial Hapsburg court and thus saved from the pecuniary problems continued his painting career. He did travel the the Middle East and the Balkans, and the Caucasus, getting first hand view and experience for his Oriental-theme paintings.
Motivated by the war fervor elderly Tadeusz (he was more than 60 years old) joined the Polish Austrian Legions, but being a grunt did not work out for him well, for due to poor food, exertion  and cold conditions during the fall campaign he got mortally sick and died in Krakow in January 1916.

Here we will show some Tadeusz' canvasses - from the National Museum at Warsaw, and some other collections or paintings corralled on the web. Oriental topics, horses and genre paintings mostly here

Oriental hunting scene
Oriental horseman

Market in Dobruja

This print is from the National Museum in Krakow - shows Ottoman soldier and a merchant looking at the horse before the battle at Vienna 1683?
Harvest parade & festival  in Krakow, 1880

and a beautiful portrait of a beautiful woman - (nota bene glorious painting of beautiful Modrzejewska  here)


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