Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Hunting Spear - in chase and war I

 Salvete Omnes,

I am to devote more than several posts to the hunting spear, this ancient and very particular shafted weapon that for hundreds of years was used for hunting and war. Known as  'boar spear' 9or the  heavier version as boar spear) or as the French called it l'epieu, or the Slavic hunters rohatyna/Рогатина, Germans called it Saufeder/Bärenspieß, Italians chiavarina? (lancia di cinghiale) etc.
Hunting was done with a spear on foot or on horseback - nota bene there are videos on Yt showing a successful wild pig hunt with a bow & arrows on horseback (no saddle nor stirrups) from the US of A.
The illustrated material is rather graphic - so you are against hunting and against seeing images of hunt and war (albeit in traditional painting, textile or engraving etc) , then please do not continue perusing further down this page -


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