Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Ximenez & Bernat - Spanish XV century bridles

 Salvete Omnes.

it is December 2022, so we could canter to the Medieval iconography 'pastures' for some inspiration and beauty.

So today the splendid works by two Spanish (as of present Kingdom of Spain) painters - 
Martin Bernat
Miguel Ximenez

From various museums including Del Prado & Saragossa etc 

Bridles with curb-bits and horse & rider, in all the splendors of the late Xv century Spain



my favorite Saint Martin by Ximenez - I wonder if the horse is a caballo de paso or a palfrey, with his high action displayed while walking.

and Saint Sebastian in full late XV century Spanish nobleman attire 

Saint Michael outfitted as a Castillian or Aragonese knight, minus the wings obviously

in this painting - we see two types of swords used during this period in the Spanish realms

a straight sword with an elaborate hilt and the falchion or langes messer one with a sabre like hilt


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Dario T. W. said...

https://www.academia.edu/9564441/Swords_and_falchions_from_the_Polish_Silesian_Brandenburg_borderland_2nd_half_of_the_13th_half_of_th_16th_cent_Preliminary_thoughts Swords and falchions from the Polish-Silesian-Brandenburg borderland (2nd half of the 13th-half of th 16th cent.)

Falchion And Its Technology In Poland (14th-16th Centuries)