Friday, April 5, 2019

Sketching & stradioti

Salvete Omnes,
these Spring days I am just sketching and working on some illustration projects, but also doing more or less lots of reading and research.
Nota bene I received this book on the history of the American saddles and I am in process of studying it - fine work of research and writing, profusely illustrated with fine iconography.
Ad rem, last week I discovered prof. Stathis Birtachas's work on academia, and this fine  researcher from Greece - orea Hellada -has some interesting articles on the stradioti aka stradiots.
The late medieval Balkan Peninsula seems to have been the birthplace of the light lancer cavalry toward the end of the great Middle Ages. But more reading to be done, so stay tuned - :) .
And a sketch to share my ongoing fascination with the lancer horseman and his steed


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