Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Horse from Vrancx' fête galante

 in addition to yesterday's horses one more fine image of a horse painted by Sebastian Vrancx,  his dismounted gentleman-rider is greeting a lady while a black (African) 'pachołek' (servant) holds his bay stallion.

 The bay horse is perhaps a Spanish stallion, his tack very fine (gilded curbbit, black velvet covered saddle with gold lace piping. gilded stirrups, three long tassels down each flank etc). The tail is braided and combed - a fine example of a Baroque riding horse schooled in the manage (perhaps indicated by this horse's posture, its tack and also by the riding whip in the hands of the servant).
Perhaps this mount is the ideal schooled horse for the gentleman-chevalier of any Western European court etc. 
You can enjoy the whole painting, very large scan, at the Denmark's National Gallery site


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