Saturday, October 17, 2015

a little forced break ...

I have been moving, or rather I have moved long distance and been sort of suspended in my move, therefore should resume regular blogging in November, or so I do hope.

I should be receiving shortly a new, for me at least, book by prof. Marek J. Olbrycht on the history of Parthian state during the turmoil of the  I century BC.

Also, Long Riders Guild gave a green light for a new Polish translation of Aime Tschiffely's book on his historic ride across South and North America. I am to receive this book and should be an interesting reading, since I have not read the first translation by Mieczyslaw Jaroslawski from the 1935 - info here.

So my blogging will have continue irregular until mid November.

 a little imagery - Juliusz Kossak's illustration showing the XIX century horse market in Krakow.

Enjoy the colorful Fall if you can

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