Thursday, April 9, 2015

Baroque horses of Maurits van Oranje

I do like the images of Baroque horses preserved in so many Dutch paintings and engravings.
Many of those can be found on Wikipedia or museums' pages (eg here), freely accessible for us to view and study, or simply for our feast and enjoyment - :)
Now, mostly on Wikipedia Commons they have 'corralled' a number of paintings showing prince Maurits (Maurice) van Oranje and his war stallions, mostly grey Dutch and Spanish (jenet) horses.

So let's corral them here too :) 

by the way, the type of  3/4 gilded armour prince Maurits is wearing could have been also worn by the Polish winged hussars and magnates, as seen in some funerary monuments and paintings. The Spanish hose was prized and sought after in Polish lands at that time, as evidenced in the surviving paintings and written accounts etc.

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Dario T. W. said...

Michal-Kadrinazi has an excellent entry on his blog - winged hussar Samuel Hutor-Szymanowski' poetry describing Polish winged hussars circa 1634