Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mustangs and chemical sterelization

some time ago I sketched a head of a wild horse from Sand Wash Basin in Colorado.

What can I say, I like the wild horses aka mustangs, are subscribe to the idea of their strong importance in preserving equine genetic material and also I support their existence in the wilds of the West as the living embodiment of the American West history and legend.

Yesterday I read that the wild horses in sand Wash area will be subjects of chemical sterilization due to alleged range overpopulation.

1990 BLM document , national Academy of Science (US) 2013 report, finding & proposal    By the way I found this article on actual wild horses sterilization from the Danube Delta in Romania, Europe. The Danube River Delta horse as per  Four Paws and Equinest, some photos,   some updates etc

Scientific critique (and here & here here blog articles ) of chemical sterilization in the field .
A sound proposition - 10 year moratorium on roundups in order to scientifically study the herds

I hope the best for the wild horses of American west.

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