Saturday, December 15, 2012

sketches for Christian Cameron's novel 'Tom Swan'

great historical fiction writer Christian Cameron is an author of new series taking place in mid XV century time period, where the main character is an English lad named Tom Swan. I read all three books and had so much fun that I can recomend this series to anyone who wants to time travel to the last battles of Hundred Years War, to the Republic of Venice and to Turk conquered Constantinople in old fashion style - by horseback or by galley :).  The adventure is fast paced but set firmly in the time period, but be forewarned that this is the world of fighting men and swordplay is frequent and very realistic. A review here.

I did some illustrations for these books and now I am  going to share my sketches with you. Hope they will be liked :)

First I copied, using MyPaint, some Bellini drawings:
Sketched some horse tack:

Byzantines (still in Morea):

Ottoman Turk Janissary:

and Western European characters including the main personage of Tom Swan

all sketches were done using MyPaint and worked over with GIMP

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